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Department of Food Science

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Course Withdrawal Application from MAR 12 , 2018.

1.Withdrawal is limited to a single course per semester.
2.The Course Withdrawal Application form is attached.
3.After Course Withdrawal the total number of credits should not be less than the minimum credits allowable.
4.Freshmen、Sophomores、Juniors no less than 12 credits,Seniors no less than 9 credits.
5.Master and Doctor no less than a single class.
6.Applicants should fill in this application form personally with the approval of their respective head of department. The application form must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs before the deadline.
7.Applicants are required to pay all credit fees in full, including for the course that is withdrawn. Those who have paid the credit fees but withdraw from any course later will not be refunded; those who have not paid for the credit fees are still required to make full payment for the credit fees of withdrawn course.

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